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rss 47 weeks ago
I've tried a couple of times now to submit work and always seem to get rejected. I assumed my work just wasn't good enough, but I really thought I had something this time, so I'd like some feedback from the community on it. Please let me know your thoughts.

Using a ton of layered half-tones, this is only 6 colors.

Thanks in advance.
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    47 weeks ago
    I think it looks pretty cool - but, you know, when the art department folks "reject" a submission, there's nothing to stop you from asking them for some more specific feedback. If you're open in to critiques and suggestions, they'd be glad to give you clear and honest advice on how to improve a design - or at the very least clarify why they chose not to accept it.

    The design I just had printed yesterday - "All Bad Things..." was rejected (with the standard boilerplate email) - but I asked if someone could give me some pointers and they gladly did so. A couple of changes later and it was accepted for print.

    That being said, I've also had some designs rejected specifically because they weren't "right" for the site (I guess based on customer demand) or that the design was was pushing the "fair use" policy a little too far.

    Don't give up!

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    46 weeks ago
    That concept is excellent, but there's no design that couldn't benefit from a little more polish.

    Personally I would add some smaller leaves and/or specks of "dust" or some other smaller objects around the three leaves so there is more of a flow to the design. The three leaves read very static right now and you want to capture that leave in the wind feel.

    Second I'd roughen up the edges on the leaves even punch a hole or two in them. They are just too round on the edges.

    Those are minor things but if you figure out how to make those leaves float on the tee I think you've got a print. I look forward to it too, I love subtle designs like this Firefly one.

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    46 weeks ago
    thanks for the notes. I'm going to let this sit for a little bit while I work on a separate project then come back to it with fresh eyes. I definitely take your thoughts into consideration.
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    46 weeks ago
    I love the concept, but I almost wonder if it would work better if the images were reversed - have Serenity as the main image, and have the leaves be shadows...
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    45 weeks ago
    First of all, that is an excellent idea and very nicely done. You most certainly are on to something. I'm not going to nitpick your design because there's really no point; if you ask for opinions on your work you'll get a million suggestions which don't necessarily add anything (could you make the leaves purple 'cuz that's my favorite color, etc.). My only suggestion might be to simplify by reducing the color count. The design might work just as well (and be cheaper to produce) with only a few colors. Again, a great design!
    Bear in mind however, that Teefury receives a gajillion submissions every day. I've submitted a little over 30 designs myself with no luck so far. From what I understand this is about average. It could take awhile before they accept your work. Don't give up!! Of course, as an artist with 30+ rejections to my credit you may want to take my advice with a grain of salt; it could be I'm just no good myself. It never occurred to me to pester the curators with pleas for a critique, but it sounds like that could be a viable option as long as you don't overdo it. Good luck!

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