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rss 34 weeks ago
Good afternoon, everyone. I've submitted three designs to Tee Fury as of late and they've all been turned away. I'd like to ask the members of the community here for some advice.

I enjoy creating parody-type things, and thats what these are, so maybe you could offer some insights or advice on creating better designs, or at least some that may be more well received.
Here's the designs in question:

 photo TopBoys_zpscdd24f0d.jpg

 photo smash_tf_zpsf46fd6df.jpg

 photo Quarks_sm2_zps4027e828.jpg

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    33 weeks ago
    Here's another one that just got turned away... TF already has a three HK parody shirts of popular movies, you'd think this would be right in line, or is 4 the cutoff point?

    I do appreciate the quick feedback time of their new rejection notices, but a small one-liner as to why would be nice (anothersite does this).

    So... not original enough? Again, any advice or contructive criticism would be welcomed.

    photo sayhello_zps75125081.jpg
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    33 weeks ago
    I just mentioned this to someone else in another forum -

    Don't be afraid to reply to the standard Teefury rejection email with a request for some more specific feedback. The art department will be honest and let you know whether a design is either just not "right" for the site, needs work or something that's maybe a bit too similar to something already printed.

    Keep in mind that they must get a TON of submissions, and it doesn't seem like it would be possible to reply with more specific explanations to every single one right of the bat. Contacting them might give them the chance to single out your design for possible re-submission...if you are willing to make the changes they suggest, of course.

    As for a personal critique, I can offer some advice -

    The TopBoys design may need some reworking in the execution of the three caricatures - perhaps a little more cartoony to match the style of the original PepBoys look you're going for. Plus, the PepBoys pun might be a little too obscure for the majority of TF customers. But again - ask the TF art department.

    The Hulk Smash/Shepherd Fairy mash potato is neat. This is one I think you should definitely ask them to be more specific about. It may be a simple matter of tweaking just a couple things.

    The Scarface/Hello Kitty mash is a cute start - but I think it could do with a little more work. Perhaps simplify the suit - no need for the pin-stripes, maybe make the necklace a tad larger and less detailed with the links. Maybe even some additional line-weight/highlight to help the "Little Friend" stand out more from the suit. Again - ask TF. If this is something they think is a MAYBE, they'll let you know.

    Also keep in mind that - as the Guidelines point out - if you submit too many designs all at once, it may a bit of an overload. I have no idea what their system is with which they weed out and/or go through the tons of submissions they get on a daily basis....

    But all that being said, don't give up! You've got some great ideas :D
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    33 weeks ago
    ZombieCafe - thanks a bunch for the well-thought out and detailed reply. I do appreciate it.

    It never occurred to me to contact them back - I'll give that a shot. If they don't reply then that's that but I'd like to at least hear from them as to why. I saw your recent Breaking Bad shirt that got printed (which was awesome by the way) got declined before you made some changes to it, so that's reassuring that they're willing to communicate on a good design. Their new response system seems to be working pretty well, though. I'll usually get a response within a few days if not less now.

    If something's not far off then of course I'm willing to make some changes - I do that in freelancing all the time. ;) Plus working with people can only improve my skills.

    I think I've submitted maybe 4 designs over the past 6 weeks but three of them have been within the past two weeks. Perhaps I should take a little more time just to develop each idea. I've also been teaching myself how to apply halftones to reduce overall color count, as this is a Tee Fury preferred method. It's hard to see online but if you get one of their shirts in person and look at it close up then you can easily see what they're talking about.

    Thank you again for your feedback, I really do appreciate it. :)


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