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rss 48 weeks ago
Hi there,

My first ever submission was rejected and I was looking for a bit of community feedback on where I could improve the image to be of a standard people would buy. I'm certain the concept is gold and perfect for the core audience here at TeeFury, however I want tips on how to polish the design to a standard TeeFury would consider worthy of printing.

Obviously the high def image is of better quality

It Was Always a Lie!

It Was Always a Lie!

Thanks in advance,

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    47 weeks ago
    Hey there! Overall I think it's a cool idea. If it were me, I'd work on developing the note itself... make it look more textured and give it some more dimension and maybe not look so flat. Make it look like a piece of parchment tacked to the wall.... cracked or worn at the edge. I do like the stationery at the top and bottom.

    The bricks look good... maybe play around with the "THE CAKE IS A LIE" a bit... screw around with the sizes, spacing, and proportions of the letters just enough to make it look like someone who's been traumatized wrote it, but not enough to compromise the legibility.

    Overall a good idea... just needs some development. Hope that helps!
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    47 weeks ago
    It's not polish it needs, it's un-polish.

    It needs irregularity. You've used fonts, and they look like fonts.

    "Peach" should be a signature, not an applied vinyl graphic.

    "Cake is a Lie" should be scrawled not printed. The identical letters all line up.

    Maybe almost trace out all the letters, without being too careful? Just to get the "hand-made" feel.

    Also possibly add some with (irregular?) outlines I think it might look more cohesive if it was slightly more cartoonish. But that one's just a thought.

    Oh, and the bricks look compressed horizontally.

    Keep working on this one - I agree with BDD, it's a cool concept.
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    47 weeks ago
    Thanks folks, that's really helpful. I was going to ssmurf it and not bother but I'll take your advice on board and workshop the idea.
    I'll definitely work on roughing up the note a bit to look more like parchment.
    I did have my own issues with the 'cake is a lie' text, however I tried using different fonts to vary the way it was written, but that was a disaster - it just looked like different fonts, not something someone has scratched out. I will try this tracing out technique and see it I can make it more effective.
    I'll take a look at the brick compression too, I see what you mean.
    I'm not sure what you mean by adding irregular outlines, but I have plenty to work with now so thanks!

    Really guys, I appreciate it!

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