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rss 49 weeks ago
Hi Guys!
Just posting my new designs for August. Hope you like them. As always... love to hear back from you. Don't forget to visit Warbucks Design Facebook Page for all the latest designs and contests.

"Misbehave" - Minions take over Firefly
 photo Misbehave.jpg

"Jack's Nightmare" - My idea for a fantasy roller coaster that should totally exist. Are you listening Disney?
Jaxk's Nightmare photo JacksNightmare.jpg

"Kick-Aaugh!" - The world's best superhero! Make way for Kick-Aaugh!
Kick-Aaugh! photo Kick-Aaugh_Mock.jpg

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    49 weeks ago
    Jack's Nightmare is outstanding, I can't wait to see it in print. Its an instabuy for me times two. Spectacular design!
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    48 weeks ago
    Been awhile since logging on, but yah- always love your work! my fav here is the despicable me firefly mash!

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