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rss 49 weeks ago
I need help convincing the staff to put this on sale. ;-)

Sailor Moon and Attack on Titan.

In just 21 hours, over 8k views on my social network, 65 shares, and many positive comments of people wanting to buy the design. Not bad for a fairly new artist in the business. Just need the right platform to sell it on, which is TeeFury!

What do you guys and gals think?!
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    49 weeks ago
    Any thoughts at all?
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    48 weeks ago
    Not much of a Sailor Moon fan myself, and I haven't gotten around to watching Attack on Titan yet, but this design is really cool. And done splendidly. My only criticism would be it's a bit largish, and might need to be scaled down a tad. I'm not sure I've seen any teefury tees with designs that large. Other than that, job well done my good chum.
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    48 weeks ago
    That is awesome!

    I haven't been on TeeFury long, but most of the anime designs that seem to pop up are Mononoke (and a couple of Cowboy Bebops). It would be nice to see some variety, so I'm glad to see people like you putting stuff like this up for submission.

    I haven't seen Attack on Titan yet but hear good things (I have seen clips), but I HAVE seen Sailor Moon and I'm a big fan. I love the yellow against the blue and Usagi among the rubble facing down Beryl.

    What does the text say? Or is it just gibberish? It looks good where it's placed.
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    46 weeks ago

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