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rss 37 weeks ago
Would this be a good design? Like to be printed when Catching Fire Come Out. I think it would speck to both the fans of the Hunger Games and the people who don't like it because it's a spoof of it and the Hungry Hungry Hippos.

And remember, may the balls be in your favor.
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    37 weeks ago
    Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but it would appear that lots of people have done it:

    Perhaps you could create something other than the mockingjay pin?
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    37 weeks ago
    I have no idea what's happened there, but I would avoid doing a mash up featuring the pin, as a google search has yielded a tonne of similar designs.

    You could make something that isn't based around the pin though?
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    36 weeks ago
    What about the Hippo dressed as Katness?

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