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rss 53 weeks ago

I have an idea for a nice logo mash-up. The issue is that the text/font has to be identical to the original to make sense to the observer, however reusing and doctoring previously created images is a serious no-no and I get that.

I just want to know where the boundary lies.

My idea is (and I like this one so if no-one else has come up with this one then I'd appreciate it being left alone) the Walt Disney logo, but written as Walt White, with maybe the RV and flasks instead of the castle. I figured everyone loves a Breaking Bad reference and the Disney logo is instantly recognisable so I must be onto a winner, right??

Maybe not if the likeness (no matter how parodical.....parody-like.....whatever, it is) - I suppose my question is, in the event where you are mocking up an alternative logo, where does copying stop and parody begin....?

I'm curious to hear your thoughts.


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    53 weeks ago

    A quick google search of Walter White Disney brought this up. The parody loop hole allows you reference the source material without using the actual source. This is always a grey area to me. I probably would have altered the walt letters slightly because unless they are side by side no one would notice.
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    52 weeks ago
    Ah google how you sting me again, should have done my research.

    Thanks for the response cruddy, appreciate it!
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    52 weeks ago
    I said the first part of caddywompus and it changed :S

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