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rss 53 weeks ago
Hello fellow designers!

I wanted to share my first TeeFury submission. It's called "The Iron Throne".

 photo ThroneProFile2.jpg

Also, I've been lurking around the forum for a while, and I've been seeing some conflicting info on the time frame for a submission review from TeeFury staff. Some say it takes 2 weeks; some say 2-3 weeks, others say give it up to a month. Does anyone have any recent experience with a successful submission, and if so, what was the length of time from submission to acceptance? My submission is close to the 3-week mark, and I'm wondering if I should hold on or give up. Any info you folks have would be appreciated.

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    53 weeks ago
    I've got designs approved within 2 days, and designs approved after 1 month and a half. You are going to get a mail anyway, either your designs is been approved or rejected.
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    53 weeks ago
    Thanks Letter Q!
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    52 weeks ago
    This design is pretty sweet. Hope it gets approved HappyMan.
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    51 weeks ago
    Thanks DEPhoenix!

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