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rss 53 weeks ago
I am revisiting this question after seeing the sweet Whovi-os t-shirt. My son would have flipped if he saw it, but I didn’t want to show it to him since it didn’t come in small enough sizes. There is no way a men’s small would fit him now, let alone within the next three years (and Who knows if he would still be into the show then - pun intended.) Has there been any more talk about this? Even if there was the option to purchase the size, but unless a certain number is reached they won’t print it?
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    46 weeks ago
    So, on this note...bravo, Teefury for having "youth sizes" now, but this really casts into stark relief the so-called "women's sizes." Apparently, women are supposed to have the same girth as children, in ALL dimensions. Really? The main difference in women's sizes and youth sizes is a few inches of length and an allowance of 1/4 inch for breasts? This is more than a little ridiculous (though it's startlingly accurate to what I was expecting the numbers to say).

    I've occasionally responded to posts begging for children's sizes with, "Just order the 'women's' size; they're about the same thing." It's just disheartening to see in numbers how right I actually was with my somewhat tongue-in-cheek advice.

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