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rss 53 weeks ago
Hi. I have questions regarding the number of colors that are allowed on a design:

1) Some images in the gallery seem to have more than 6 colors (ex: - I roughly counted about 10 colors). Does Teefury sometimes make exceptions, or is there another reason for this high color count?

2) Are we allowed to submit a multi-colored image (that has a lot more than 6 colors) converted to a CMYK halftone (4 colors + white)? I'm not sure this is allowed because the colors in the halftones are sometimes superimposed to create new colors (example: - violet is also produced by the halftone).

3) If submitting a CMYK halftone is allowed, do your printers have good enough resolution to produce nice results (with small halftone dots)?

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    53 weeks ago
    I think I found the answer to #1: "The limit is still six colors. Some artists use halftones to make their designs appear to have more, though :)" I'm just surprised not to see any halftone on the picture. I would expect to see small dots here and there.

    I'm still wondering about #2 and #3, though :)!
  • image zipper
    53 weeks ago
    Your halftone dots shouldn't overlap, they should be solid colors. So CMYK halftones like the ones linked would not be something we'd print.

    This forum post might help if you have other design questions: TeeFury Design Guidelines
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    53 weeks ago
    Thank you! :)

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