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rss 53 weeks ago
Hey everyone! I recently submitted this to Teefury.

Breaking Bad meets Pinky and the Brain.

Thought it would be great to mash these guys up, considering that Heisenberg and The Brain are older and smarter, while Jesse Pinkman and Pinky are younger and well you get that idea haha... Can anyone guess what the numbers mean?

Hope you guys like it and hoping to get some Teefury love as well :)

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    53 weeks ago
    The illustration of the characters is fun... I like it. The hat color on Pinkman might be off though... does he wear a red hat? It's been a while since I saw the show.

    The typography on the title is wrong though... it's pretty retro and bulbous. Stick with Helvetica to give it some unity.

    I have no idea what the numbers are, HA

    Good luck
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    53 weeks ago
    Thanks for the feedback! I will play around with it some more... And I know what you mean on the beanie... Pretty difficult since I had to remove the color red to maintain the design within the color limits... Black and white already taking up 2 of the 6 colors... :(

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