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This was my most recent submission, a Borderlands design featuring Claptrap, the lovable yet annoying character we all loved to hate. I thought the play on words "Trapped Clap" was a funny look into what we all wish would happen to Claptrap sometimes. :) But unfortunately the design was rejected. Any ideas as to how it can be improved? or if it really is just a bad concept? Thanks!!!

 photo claptrapped_zps7fb10479.png
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    54 weeks ago
    bumpppy bump
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    54 weeks ago
    The hand-drawn parts detract from the straight lines. The ball would be a perfect sphere, it's hand drawn and left like it.

    The bracelet on the left arm on Claptrap's a metal chain hanging there. A heavy duty thing. It looks like it's made of metal thinner than a wire hanger.


    All the metal chains could look like they're made of almost identical loops of metal joined together to make a chain.


    The bracelets holding the wrist cuffs have no depth. They have the thickness of tissue, no bulk to them.

    The wheel. The trap.

    What I'm trying to say is: the concept is good but the art needs cleaning up. Everything depicted is made of metal and rubber and glass, and is made of components that have come from a Hyperion factory somewhere. There should be precise lines and curves, so I think that's why it was rejected.
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    54 weeks ago
    thank you, i will do some cleaning up and make things look a lot more hefty and durable. i appreciate the feed back!

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