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I read the submit page, so please don't quote me back what it says there about file sizes and such.

I was involved in some small scale tee shirt designs in high school, so I am used to giving the printer separate black and white images for each color/silk screen. Do I have to do this to submit? .

I'm going to use Photoshop or GIMP, so my original work will have layers. Do they want a file format that allows layers or something more simple and with a smaller file size for the initial submissions? To start would I just submit a miniaturized version of my original design without the layers (say a JPEG)? Heck, maybe TF prefers artists to use vector art. I know they don't want to sit around using the Lasso Tool on other people's work.

I don't want to send my stuff out there only to have no one look at it because I didn't submit it correctly. Thanks!
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    55 weeks ago
    Yeah, when you design you want to keep it big and as editable as possible, but your initial submission only has to be 640px. If your design is chosen, TF will then contact you and ask for a higher resolution image
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    55 weeks ago
    I'll elaborate a bit more, since when I started making screen printed shirts back in the 90's I had to produce a black on acetate separation for each color. You don't have to do that now. Phew! Having the colors on separate layers is enough. They don't all have to be black.

    A layered photoshop image of up to 3600 pixels wide by up to 5100 pixels high at 300dpi should be fine*. If you work in vectors, you can set up the page to be the size you want it within the maximum screen size accepted 12" by 17".

    *Incidentally, I just checked in my paint package and a 300dpi image at 12" by 17" is 3600 pixels by 5100 pixels for a bitmap (eg. not vector).

    This thread TeeFury Design Guidelines and this thread Submission Questions probably has just about every answer you'd need. If not, just ask and one of the forum members will try to answer it.
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    55 weeks ago
    Thanks so much! That's all I needed to know. :)

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