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rss 55 weeks ago
Hey guys I received a pokemon tee shirt
and am not a fan of pokemon but would be willing to trade or sell back. I like pretty much anything else except pokemon so anything would work and L or XL.

-Stevie :)
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    55 weeks ago
    Hey, I have three shirts from this grab bag, all in WXL


    I also have some stuff from previous grab bags, all unworn and unwashed. (WXL) (WL)
    (WL) (WXL)

    If you're interested in any email me at kmlackinger(at)gmail(dot)com
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    55 weeks ago
    I have an xl ladies blue (tealish) star wars 5 (red fighter 5 reference, I think) that I would be willing to trade. :) email [email protected]

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