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rss 42 weeks ago
Just received our 2 shirts (bought for my daughter, she prefers the fit of Mens Smalls). We got:

Dangerous Alone Tattoo (Zelda themed)

Poketryoshka (Pokemon themed)

We already have the Zelda one, and she's not a HUGE Pokemon fan.

Wondering if anyone is interested in trading??

Thx in advance :-)
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    42 weeks ago
    I have these:

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    41 weeks ago

    So, she wore her Pokemon one yesterday (Poketryoshka) :-( I'm pretty sure they are traded 'unworn' right??

    Were you interested in the Zelda one (Dangerous Alone Tattoo) one?
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    41 weeks ago
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    41 weeks ago
    I have Anytime, Anywhere, in gray.

    Looking for anything Dr. Who, Mario Bros., Star Wars, Star Trek, Arrested Development, or Monty Python. Offer me anything if you're interested in my shirt and I'll let you know what I think. I have a wide range of interests.

    e-mail me at [email protected]

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