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rss 43 weeks ago
Want to make this a general post for shirts in this size. Trading or buying post.

I just ordered 7, and there's a huge chance I'll get 7 I won't like. xD
Will comment again when I receive them.
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    43 weeks ago
    I'd be pretty interested in getting "Daft Nuts" in a small!
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    42 weeks ago
    I have Anytime, Anywhere, in gray.

    Looking for anything Dr. Who, Mario Bros., Star Wars, Star Trek, Arrested Development, or Monty Python. Offer me anything if you're interested in my shirt and I'll let you know what I think. I have a wide range of interests.

    e-mail me at [email protected]
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    42 weeks ago
    I have Dangerous Alone Tattoo (Zelda themed) in gray.

    Looking to trade for anything else Zelda, Anime, or Video Game themed.
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    42 weeks ago
    Ok so I just got my shirts today. Out of the 7 I got one I wanted.
    Shirts I got
    1. Stitch Gate [Link] - Charcoal
    2. Higher Education System [Link] - Blue
    3. Anytime, Anywhere [Link] - Gray
    4. It's Just A Rex [Link] - White
    5. The Doctor & Friends [Link] - Gray

    A little iffy on this one.
    Pocket Monster 3 [Link] - Bulbasaur

    If I can manage to get
    Pocket Monster 1 & 2 then I'm keeping the shirt. xD

    There is a billion designs I want... but will automatically trade for any of these ten
    1. Last Son - [Link]
    2. Main Bridge [Link]
    3. Pocket Monster 2 [Link]
    4. Pocket Monster [Link]
    5. Falling [Link]
    6. A Mind In Flux [Link]
    7. A Watchful Mind [Link]
    8. Go, Cybermen! [Link]
    9. The Girl Who Waited [Link]
    10. Cap'n Morgan's Boat Tour Adventures [Link]

    Accepting Mens Small and Women's Large
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    42 weeks ago
    hit me up via email if you are willing to trade. [email protected]
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    41 weeks ago

    1. Anytime, Anywhere [Link] - Gray
    2. It's Just A Rex [Link] - White
    3. The Doctor & Friends [Link] - Gray

    A little iffy on this one.
    Pocket Monster 3 [Link] - Bulbasaur

    Will except from the following Dexter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Star Trek, Superman, Batman
    Or preferably the links above *wink wink nudge nudge*

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