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rss 58 weeks ago
So I need to make some extra cash and I have a bunch of shirts I have never worn, so I guess I need to part with them. Looking for offers: All shirts are men's XL (never worn, never washed)

-Doctor Whoville
-They See Me Rollin - Exterminatin' (dalek shirt)
-Horton Hears a Who (doctor who - shirt has color issue: see
-Lords of Time (Sons of Anarchy mash)
-Black Knight Rises (Dark Knight/Monty Python)
-Papa Ben's Lo-cal Cal-zone (parks and rec)
-News Teamers (Anchorman/Avengers)
-SciFi Villain Chess

my email is bjacksoninaction[at]gmail[dot]com

please send cash offers, I MIGHT consider trading for other Doctor Who/Game of Thrones shirts... but would prefer to sell

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    57 weeks ago
    Hi what r u charging per shirt im interested in the dark night monty python.
    What does the doctor whoville look like..havent a clue what to offer. the price the charge here for xl + $5?

    My email is [email protected]
    Shout out pls
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    55 weeks ago
    What are you charging per shirt? shipping charges? do you have a link for the Dr. Who shirts?
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    55 weeks ago
    Would be verrrry very interested in your Doctor Whoville (I've been looking EVERYWHERE)

    My email is slwhite9110(at)gmail(dot)com

    Would 10 be acceptable? I have paypal. :)

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