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I just finished my Yoda/Judge Dredd MashedPotato. I hope someone out there likes it! Let me know what you think or if I've made any glaring newbie mistakes or with any other ideas, critiques or comments.  photo YodaDreddFinal_zps30b05501.jpg
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    58 weeks ago
    Gosh, well as the TeeFury forums Judge Dredd expert I guess I should answer this one. I kid you not, I own a huge original hand inked Judge Dredd strip* by legendary artist Ron Smith which I bought at auction as well as dozens of the books and hundreds of the comics.

    I think the illustration is very good. However, I have reservations about the concept, which is a bit forced, and the features that relate to Dredd's outfit are a bit off.

    As I say I'm skeptical of the idea but if you want to make this work for Judge Dredd fans, you must nail the Dredd outfit. His elbow pads, kneepads and boots are all green. If some of these could be worked in, it might help. You've already got green in your palette so you may as well use it. The belt pouches are usually green too.

    The Helmet needs work. It's a combination of the movie Dredd and the comic Dredd. Stick with the comic Dredd to ensure you nail it. The red bands should be thicker. There's a very very specific highlight which almost every Dredd artist uses on the tinted section of the glass visor over each eye which is a sort of relaxed 'S' shape. It's almost as iconic as the curl on Superman's hair.

    The shoulder pads are on the correct sides. The badge is also on the correct side normally on his chest rather than fixed to the shoulder pad.

    If you want to give this 100% I suggest creating the lettering yourself as they used to do on the original strips. Either the original classic 2000ad logo or of course the Judge Dredd title from an original strip would be good reference points.

    All that being said, I feel the ideas don't gel. Yoda and Dredd? I see very little connection. Still you have already demonstrated abundant skill and if someone was going to make this work, it could well be you.

    If I had your skill I'd probably just try to do a pure Dredd image and sub it to 2000ad instead. Scoring a cover art job to create a piece or two would be no bad thing.

    Please don't take my (hopefully) constructive criticism the wrong way. I would be happy if I had half your skill in illustrating figures. Some people have it, some don't, you've got it by the truckload.

    *Here's a small section of the frikin' huge piece (about 3 and a half feet across)...
    It's a thing of beauty seeing the original in black india ink on art board and the clever use of white out for detailing. 80's vintage in the pre-computer days, Ron Smith's work was prolific and iconic. It easily ranks up there with the far more celebrated Brian Bolland. As much as I love Bolland's work, it's Ezquerra (the creator) and Smith that made Dredd what he is. Bonus nerd fact: that's Tom Frame hand lettering.
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    58 weeks ago
    Name badge should say YODA and we can't see his feet.


    It's very well done, a Dredd officianado has suggested stuff, and now for the American perspective.

    Dredd might be more well known as the Stallone film than the Urban film. The first was panned; and despite the positive critical response, the second film earned just over $36 million at the box office on an estimated budget of $45 million. I don't know how big the market is for people buying Dredd designs here. You don't see couples dressed as Dredd and Anderson at ComicCon.

    So it may not be picked, but it's a solid design in my book.
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    58 weeks ago
    It seems that I posted in the right spot! Chuffy, you dropped a Dredd bomb on me the likes of which I hadn't even imagined! You make excellent points and I have to agree with everything you said. This design has taught me a lot, and after I submit a slightly reworked version I may just move on. There is a lot that would need to be reworked, and I'm not sure it's worth it. I have a LOT of other ideas that need my attention and that I'm excited about! ;)

    It was a learning experience, so it was in no way a waste of time, and I thank you for the compliments as well. ;) It means a lot that you took the time and gave me such a detailed response. With every post I feel I gain knowledge that is invaluable to becoming successful in design.

    I could post all of the lessons I learned from this submission alone, but instead, I think I'll go work on another design. My many thank yous! Cya soon ;)
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    58 weeks ago

    So it may not be picked, but it's a solid design in my book.

    Hi Jackpot! Thanks for the input, I really do appreciate it. I wasn't sure which way to go with the feet. I had a couple variations of the boots, feet, robe and this is the one I ended up sticking with. Looking at it now, I think his feet would help drill home the fact that he's Yoda a little bit more. Oh, and about the name tag! I wasn't sure if it was legal to actually have the written name of anything copyrighted, within your design. I would've much preferred to have it say Yoda in his badge, as that is the way I originally penciled it! ;)

    As for the movies, I was a huge fan of the first Dredd movie and is what lead to the creation of this combo. meow, it was fun to draw! :P Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you think it's at least solid, even if it isn't a homerun. It helps to know that I'm at least on the right path. Cya soon ;)

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