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I have a few ideas for T-Shirts, but I'm not a good artist/graphic designer, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to make a shirt out of them.

Here are the ideas (If it gets accepted I'd like 25%, let me know if that sounds unreasonable)

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy / Facebook MashedPotato (Because of the thumb)

Spiders Pig, Doing Whatever a Spiderpig does EST.2007 (When the Simpsons Movie was made) (This would look kinda vintage)

Power of Three (Doctor Who Episode) / Minecraft MashedPotato. (Because of the cubes)

Strax / Glados MashedPotato (Both were potatoes :P)

Timelords, to go where no human has gone before!

Comment if you like an idea, or hate it, or want to make a t-shirt out of it!
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    45 weeks ago
    >Here are the ideas (If it gets accepted I'd like 25%, let me know if that sounds unreasonable).

    Why not take the standard 80%...? Is that not the usual going rate for visionary t-shirt maestros? 90% for those that explain connections that mash-ups should be made. In fact, I'm helping create a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver / Sonic The Timelord Hedgehog design. I explained that it both involves Sonic (something), and the problem-solving platform element lend themselves well to "run you clever boy" ...and because I took on the lesser role of designer (and what are hours of design next to seconds worth of brilliance?), I hope to secure 100% of any profits made! It's like your idea, but with a small added part on top. I may not be the first one here to try this venture, but sometimes the established path is the one to take a hike on.

    I look forward to seeing Spiders Pig, and wish you the level of wealth you will undoubtedly achieve for your skills.
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    45 weeks ago
    gotspin asked: > Will you draw my stuff for me?

    Yo gotspin, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but... HELL NO.

    Ideas go in the suggestion thread, you don't get paid for them. If you want to make money from designs, you either draw them yourself or start a shirt-a-day site and print designs other people submit to you.

    Your question, if you really stop to think about it, is like asking a musician to write a song based on your idea. Your idea is about a boy and a girl, that's it really (ok, so there may be Daleks involved). You want the musician to write the song, perform it and then you want a cut.

    I'm just gonna assume it was late and you were tired and drunk when you posted and leave it at that.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your drinking problem. :)

    I'm off to write a song about Daleks in the style of Taylor Swift mixed with Kanye West. Something something love to hate, something something exterminate.... moody instrumental in the middle... BIG FINISH! Heck, that was easy!

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    45 weeks ago
    Chuffy, I want to write that love song. I think I have a 'big idea' premise and I want to bounce it off you.

    The singer's just this boy/girl/Dalek
    They think they know what love feels like
    But then they meet this other girl/Cyberman/boy
    And now the world just doesn't make sense

    This other being has [physical characteristic]
    And the singer loves the way she/it/he [does something]
    And it could have been perfect
    But then the singer threw it all away

    They never meant to hurt the being in the second line
    They haven't slept in days thinking about the other being
    They're using this song to say
    They didn't know what love was until this other being

    So they're ready to shout to the world
    They will eschew other males/females/exterminating
    If the other will eschew other women/deleting/men
    And they live together in love.

    The end.

    (And that will cost you £6 million, One Direction / $10 million, Taylor Swift / safety for my planet, enemy of the Timelord called The Doctor.)
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    45 weeks ago
    I've considered the options and I've received a better offer from Skrillex. The lyrics have a better flow: 32 verses of the a single word - Exterminate (64 verses on the extended cut).

    Quentin Tarantino has agreed to direct the video featuring a Dalek with an unfeasibly large Afro (played by Samuel L Jackson of course) who along with his fellow Daleks will disintegrate the hand of a Hamburger vendor for no good reason. The Hamburger vendor will be played by Keanu Reeves or Shia LaBoeuf or a plank of wood, whoever is has an appropriate gap in their busy schedule.

    The song when played backwards will feature a Tarantino scribed monologue performed by Christopher Walken about the empowering nature of LOLcats. Oh and there will be Cowbell. Lots of it.
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    45 weeks ago
    In the extended remix, would it be possible to get Ricky Gervais to say, "hello, sorry, bit busy, oh my god someone call 999 'cos we have that instead of 911 where I'm from"... just before the bass drops and it sounds like Megatron taking a dump into a Magic Chef mixer as someone throws drawers of cutlery at cats? If he becomes the 12th Doctor, it could be worth a MINT!

    (By the way: Skrillex? Throwing cutlery at cats for sound effects is my idea. You owe me a boatload of money for that one.)
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    45 weeks ago
    Here is my hastily scribbled drawing of the boatload of money. Come to think of it, probably pointing the camera at the actual boat would have been better.


    Anyway, as you can see, it's packed to the gunwales. Whatever gunwales are. I admit some of the sacks lower down may be stuffed with old newspaper &/or hastily drawn sketches of $9 bills on note paper.
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    45 weeks ago
    I will buy two, and keep the change Alfonse.

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    45 weeks ago
    This is pretty much the most sarcastic thread I've ever seen. I like it. However it feels a bit mean...

    Gotspin (if you're still here), think about how long it took you to think up the idea and write it down here. Probably seconds. They're not particularly detailed, so in idea terms, a designer is going to have to put just as much in as you before they even get to designing it.

    Then they design it - many designers will take 10-20 hours on a design from start to finish, incorporating numerous drafts and developments. And after all of that time spent - even if the design is really good - there's a good chance it'll get rejected.
    So the designer loses 10-20 hours of their time with nothing (financially speaking) to show for it, you've lost a matter of seconds and gain the ego-boost of having input into creating something nice, despite putting a minimal amount of effort in.

    So yes, 25% is unreasonable. And that is why there is so much sarcasm above.
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    45 weeks ago
    It's a tiny bit sarcastic, but after spending an hour here and an hour there on a design it's tiresome to get someone thinking they're Steve Jobs of the design world.

    It would be like working in a bank, and having someone ask if you're giving away the free money today ...and then point out the huge safe back there is open, but the pens are chained down, what's the deal with that?!?

    25% for pointing out that Minecraft is made up of cubes, so you should do a design based on one episode of a 50 year-old show ...and it's not even from this season? That's pissing on us and telling us it's raining gold. Gets my dander up, and the best way to handle it is to make light of it.

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