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rss 47 weeks ago
Hello. I have re-visited an old design. What do you all think of this?

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-29at200432_zps8e71dc93.png

Hopefully going to submit it in the next 24hours.

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    46 weeks ago
    Two things: one's a technical thing, the other's more of an artist thing.

    The technical thing is the thumb on Mario's can hand. You've joined the path, when it needs to be open where the thumb bend ends. Double click before the ellipse ends (if you're doing it by placing a node at a time) and it'll draw the white shape but not the final border.

    The artist thing:


    We're all using popular themes, we're all trying to find a way to portray well-known characters in a way that makes others gasp and open their wallets, and that means we're all walking that fine line between homage and copyright infringement.

    I don't want to start calling anyone a tracer, but I made this.


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    46 weeks ago
    I have to agree with Jackpot777, pulling a straight trace of a well known character is ill advised. Reputable shirt-a-day sites usually won't even consider them, so if your aim is to get it up in print that'll be a problem.

    Best Advice: Draw Mario from scratch.

    Whilst the rest of the design is quite nicely executed, it does make me think of all those Cereal packet inspired shirts. Before I read the word 'soup' that was my initial impression. If you can bring greater emphasis to the soup can, make it more of a feature perhaps. Anything you can do to make it look less Cerealy (yes yes, not a word).

    I applaud your color discipline. 5 colors. Pantone the flesh, you could have it down to 4. Then as a bonus add gold to take it back to 5, use it to pep up the stars and text.

    The design idea is mostly there already, so don't lose heart. Go that extra mile and I think you'll have a really tight design.
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    46 weeks ago
    Thanks both.

    I cant draw to save my life so that puts a spanner in the works. I wouldn't even know where to start.

    Any tips on this?

    Chuffy, when you say Pantone the flesh what do you mean exactly as would love to bring the gold back in for the stars.

    Will make the can bigger and change it to give more emphasis.

    Any advice on the above would be fab, thanks both for taking to time to comment.
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    46 weeks ago
    Pantone (d'oh!) I meant HALFTONE. Halftoning is what you did on the Blue behind the bowl. In this instance creating flesh would be a matter of using a white solid with small red dots on top.

    Jackpot777 did an excellent explanation of Halftoning in this thread
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    46 weeks ago
    haha. Ok I was a bit confused there.

    Yeh I did try that on an earlier version but it didnt look quite right, I will have another go when I some how mange to re-draw a unique mario!

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    46 weeks ago
    I was going to just say "I don't know what to recommend" at not being able to draw. But we never say "die" because we're a community, goldang it.

    Artwork looks complicated, but most art is broken down into basic geometric shapes with some filler.



    Here's the best part! The internet is a big place and wouldn't you know it, some clever bugger has instructions on how to draw Mario!

    I have a Doctor Who / Sonic thing in the works right now. When I say "right now": I started the idea two years ago when I joined the forum, left it completely alone until 10 days ago, and Clara Oswald's words ("run you clever boy") steered me back to it. In those ten days, it went from a second rough sketch to scanning that drawing, using vector art to recreate it with flowing lines, and integrating some of Chuffy's ideas to really move it along. And because all the original artwork was composed of simple repeating patterns and motifs, that's how I'm doing my design.

    It's a real thing of love, but I want people to know they're getting something that has been worked on, sweated over, planned and put together with care at attention.
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    46 weeks ago
    I should explain that Pantone is a set of specific standard colors that supposedly allow the color to be matched across a variety of media. In reality it's not great if you want a match that doesn't exist due to its limited palette. Much like CMYK profiles and printers that tell you to submit RGB then print in CMYK totally screwing up the color of your design in the process.

    But enough of the tyrannies of incompatible color systems. you want HALFTONE. Don't worry about the other stuff. :)

    Note to self:
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    46 weeks ago
    Ok I see what your both saying and thanks again for the tips. I have been having a think and I will give it a go drawing Mario is some sort of post and maybe holding a spoon in his chef gear. I will report back over the weekend with how I get on.

    I will print out my design tomorrow at work and get some tracing/layout paper and get to work.

    Im not a massive Doctor Who fan. but I do love sonic and that idea is pretty cool.
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    46 weeks ago
    If you remove Mario and replace him with a can of soup with just his mug it would probably look less Cerealy without a mascot pimping the soup. A cylinder with a label is probably easier for you than a full character. That way you could also avoid copyright with just hinting at Mario's face with just his iconic stache and hat.

    Nintendo is pretty lax as far as copyright is concerned but I wouldn't recommend using the official mushroom image either. If you added some cream in the soup bowl you could partially obscure the shrooms. That would also help make it look like soup instead of carefully layer marshmallows stack evenly one on top of the other.

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