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rss 60 weeks ago
Hey guys, I was wondering what you all thought of this design I'm working on. Could you see it being on a tee?


I don't know if the image is showing up properly, but here's a link to the same picture:
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    60 weeks ago
    Maybe it'll show up now. If not, I'm doing something wrong.
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    60 weeks ago
    Bamboota already did a similarly themed design mixing Star Wars with Back to the Future called "Jedi in the Future".


    Always best to check the internet thoroughly before committing to an idea. There's plenty more ideas out there that haven't been thought of. Best of luck finding them, 2 out of every 3 cool ideas I get seem to have been done by someone else already!
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    60 weeks ago
    Besides combining Star Wars and Back to the Future, I see no similarities and no reason why this person can't proceed with the shirt.

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