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rss 273 weeks ago
New design I am working on, any suggestions?

Also, while you are here, go ahead and tell us your favorite childhood memories!

Childhood Memories | Heather Grey

Childhood Memories | Lemon

Childhood Memories | Mint

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    273 weeks ago
    I like all three color choices... if I had to pick one, I'd choose gray - it makes the kid's shirt pop more (it kind of blends with the background on yellow).
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    272 weeks ago
    Am I a sad person if I admit that at first glance it looked like a lewd scene? I'm sorry.

    That being said I very much like the concept. I agree with Olechka, the tan/gray color is the nicest in my opinion. The yellow makes the design pop too much and is hard on the eyes (although that may not be the case one it is off the screen and onto the shirt). But also, the gray color works the best in the areas where you use the shirt as shadows and lines (namely on the white shirt).

    Nice work!
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    272 weeks ago
    Thanks for the comments Olechka and Stormink

    @stormink, yeah, dont feel sorry, a lot of my friends also pointed that out, so dont feel embarrassed. unfortunately im not exactly sure how to fix it.

    Here is an update (a couple touch ups here and there).
    thanks again for the comments!

    What about a background? or is that too much?

    A Normal Childhood
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    272 weeks ago
    Hmm the shadow underneath seems kind of distracting, probably because it's a totally different "style" than the rest of the picture or it's too large; but I can't make up my mind.

    I could help with figuring out how to change the words, but I am not sure what is going on in this picture (I've never watched those shows). If could give me a brief explanation, I could try :)

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