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rss 62 weeks ago
Today while sitting with my son who had taken the afternoon off from work to take me to have oral surgery, we were talking about the things he is printing in plastic and he happened to have a picture of the 9th doctor shirt on his phone.
I told him I had finally ordered one in black. He got this very strange look on his face and said, you ordered two of them, right?
I said I hadn't; when we were talking about the colors, he said he was looking at it and he said the tardis blue would be his first choice, but the black would work also. I asked if he was going to get it, and he said heck yeah! I said I still wasn't decided on a color and we could compare.

He thought I was going to get a blue one for him, and whatever color I was going to get.

I feel horrible. Could I possibly buy one in black or blue from someone?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  • image zipper
    62 weeks ago
    We typically recommend contacting the artist directly :)
  • image
    62 weeks ago
    Thank you, I did just that, found the page and sent the URL to my son so he can pick the color he wants.
    One of the reasons I really like Teefury, besides the wonderful shirt designs, is that the people at Teefury listen to people like me and take the time to help us out.

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