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rss 63 weeks ago
Can we have a serious discussion about colour options? There are a couple of major issues. For one why can't ladies have the same colour options as men and I mean even if you aren't going to give them the same colour options atleast give them as many colour options.

Secondly how exactly are shirt colours picked? Do you roll some dice to decide the colours? Do you just pick whichever colour shirts you have the most of in stock? A lot of the time 2/3 of the colours don't work at all with the design and a lot of the time the 1 colour that looks good isn't even the best choice of colour for that shirt. I know it's entirely subjective, but judging by the comments you can pretty much tell that there are issues with colour options almost every single day.
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    63 weeks ago
    Agreed. Teefury, do you actually realize how much business you are losing from this?
  • image zipper
    63 weeks ago
    Shirt colors are selected based on 1) what shirt colors work best with the design and 2) what shirt colors are available from our supplier.

    We've been experiencing a shortage of women's Silver tees recently, but have been working on the issue and hope to have it resolved soon.
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    59 weeks ago
    How about have Black or White as a default colour and then use two other random colours... (but always have a black or white option)...

    Obviously which default colour is selected and the two other random colours will be dependant on the colours used in the design to be printed...

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