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rss 62 weeks ago
Women's Medium.

Looking for anything Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokemon, and .. pretty much anything Sci-Fi/BBC related.
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    62 weeks ago
    i don't have any women's medium shirts to trade, but i love the witch delivery service shirt, so thought i'd offer the only doctor who shirt i have. i've got weeping cherubs ( in a men's medium. i hope maybe your interested!
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    62 weeks ago
    are you only willing to trade for a women's medium or would you do a different size? because i have some other doctor who shirts in women's xl. email me at [email protected] and i'll list them if interested.
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    61 weeks ago
    Have two shirts from recent grab bag that I can't see myself wearing.
    Breakfast of Men (Red) MXXL
    Say My Name... Heisenberg (Yellow) MXXL

    Will trade one or both for MXXL that I can wear.
    [email protected]

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