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rss 50 weeks ago
Questions that should be asked in this post, but feel free to ask any question. !!Plzz don't start arguments!!:

Do you come to this site often to check out the daily tee's? What do you usually wear with your tee's? How did you find out about this site? What could make this tee site a better one and should there be more daily tee's? Sometimes i wish i could get tee's that i missed.
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    50 weeks ago
    i check it every day :) just boght my first one today so dont know what to wear with it. i`v searched for DR who shirts and found the site. i really like the oportonity to get Tshirts i missed :(
    and ye, more daily tees will be great! i usuly dont know half of the refrenses to..

    sorry, that is a too long answer XD
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    49 weeks ago
    I love wearing my tees with a leather jacket, and think that look would work great regardless of sex. If you're a male-type, let me, as a lady, say lots of us dig the 'tee-shirt/suit jacket' combo. :) I'm a jeans person so ideas for bottoms will have to come from other people, though I've often wondered if a really huge t-shirt can make a shirtdress type thing for the girls to wear over leggings.

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