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rss 64 weeks ago
I received my recent three random tees (mens size large) but weren't the ones that I wanted. I'm willing to make a one-for-one trade of the following:

What I have:
Mario Kombat II (black)
A Watchful Mind (silver)
Scoobies (black)

What I want (mens large/ any color):
Mother of Dragons
Forever Late
Just As Sane As I Am
Where The Wild Realms Are
Chat Du Cheshire
Stag-gered Houses
I <3 New New York
10th of Hearts


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    63 weeks ago
    I don't have any of the shirts you're requesting. Would you be interested in any of these for the Mortal Kombat II shirt?

    Boys in Gray


    From previous grab bags:
    Dawn of Doughnuts

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    63 weeks ago
    I have a MXL Skinny Dip shirt to trade. I would be up for any star wars/Serenity shirts. I'll consider anything except Dr. Who though. My e-mail is [email protected]
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    61 weeks ago
    Have two shirts from recent grab bag that I can't see myself wearing.
    Breakfast of Men (Red) MXXL
    Say My Name... Heisenberg (Yellow) MXXL

    Will trade one or both for MXXL that I can wear.
    [email protected]

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