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rss 64 weeks ago
had to kinda chub-up jesse to fill montgomery jack's girth, but it's coming along okay, i guess...
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    64 weeks ago
    Great idea

    - I wouldnt fatten jesse up, maybe just put the outside two a little closer to fill in the space
    - getting the faces to come out really well will be difficult (faces are the hardest thing to draw for me)
    - In my opinion I think you should leave mother westen out of if. having the normal proportions with the other characters makes it seem off, and I think the 4 main characters of michael, sam, fiona, and jesse will be just fine
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    63 weeks ago
    thanks for the feedback. thniking about it, i may just do it like this:
    but "Mike 'n Sam" Rescue Rangers with a palm tree instead of an acorn.
    It's like they say, keep it simple.
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    63 weeks ago
    sounds like a good idea to me

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