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Okay, now the grab bag has ended and we all have probably at least a week until they get to our homes. So same as always: feel free to post what you have that you are willing to sell or trade, including what you get from this grab bag or past grab bags and purchases. Also feel free to post what you want. And remember - include all details, not just size and color, but also the title of the design or a link to the gallery image to make it easier on everyone!

Good luck and here's hoping people get happy surprises or fortunate trades!
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    65 weeks ago
    I'm expecting 2 women's larges coming to me, but until then, I'll post a shirt I got from a previous grab bag:

    Weeping Cherubs men's medium

    I don't care for any Doctor Who designs, so this one is up for sell or trade. I'll go for women's large, men's small, or men's medium and I like the designs about any Studio Ghibli movies (totoro, kiki's delivery service, spirited away), monty python, and adventure time.

    Also some older specific designs I liked:
    Neverending Fight
    Sir Duck Hunt
    I wonder where lucy is

    As you can see, I'm open to a lot of designs, so even if your shirt doesn't fall into any of the above categories, feel free to drop me a line: [email protected]
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    64 weeks ago
    As stated earlier, I obviously don't have my tees from the grab bag yet, but I have one specific shirt that I would love to trade to receive: Just As Sane As I Am in a women's large size.

    I'd prefer the charcoal color if you have it, but any color should be okay.

    I'm getting 5 women's large shirts in my grab bag, so it's highly likely that I'll have something you may want to trade for. If not, I'm also willing to buy the shirt from you if you'd prefer.
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    64 weeks ago
    I didn't get the grab bag but I got an extra shirt from another 24 hour site that I'm selling on ebay for 10 dollars if anyone is interested.

    It's a Bioshock/Portal shirt.

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    64 weeks ago
    Still got Pizza! Pizza! and A Dream Within A Dream (Mens2XL, Unwashed/Unworn) from the last grab bag. Looking for pretty much anything Doctor Who from previous grab bags (not the current one). Willing to negotiate on others. Really don't care for either shirt. Hit me up with any questions/offers at [email protected]
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    64 weeks ago What would Brian do. Brightest witch of her age. I just got my grab bag today these ate 2 I'm not too interested in. Both male XL and black or dark blue I think. To be honest Idk what shirts I would be interested in but let me know what U got :)
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    64 weeks ago
    Just got my grab bag in the mail! One, I am definitely keeping (Sherlock comic, score!), but the other two are up for grabs.

    Both of these are a WXL

    Sweep the Leg -
    Waiting for the Bus -

    I also have the Necronomicon Ex Shirtus, from October

    Want (in WXL):
    Higher Education System -
    Error Song -
    An Undisturbed Life -

    Pretty much anything Zelda, Mario, or Star Wars

    Also willing to trade for (in M2XL):
    A Watchful Mind -

    Please email me at [email protected] if you're interested, thanks!
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    64 weeks ago
    I should add that the Sweep the Leg shirt that I got is in white, not the original black.
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    64 weeks ago
    I've got 2 Mens L shirts and 3 Mens XL shirts, never worn. I'll consider any offer (Men's L or XL). Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.
    Hello Tiger L
    Sir Duck Hunt L
    100 Percent Sci-Fi XL
    Browncoat Propaganda XL
    Boys in Gray XL

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    64 weeks ago
    I have from my grab bag a Chat du Cheshire in Women's XL color Cocoa, unworn. Im just not a huge Alice in wonderland fan.

    Anyone have another women's XL they are interested in trading? show me a link i may be interested! I love Serenity/Firefly, Dr Who, random nerdy stuff, fun stuff nothing gory/scary though. Show me a link!
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    64 weeks ago
    I should also add I love lots of other stuff too like comic books, tv shows (just got the Moss tshirt awesome!!), reading so seriously show me anything or Im willing to sell it. Either way I forgot my contact info. Reach me at [email protected]
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    64 weeks ago
    I have three shirts I want to trade. Not sure what I want but I definitely dont want any doctor who or breaking bad stuff.
    I have this in Womens L
    I have this is Womens M
    I have this is Mens S: Gallifrey Brick
    Email me at [email protected]
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    64 weeks ago
    SlyMR said: I've got 2 Mens L shirts and 3 Mens XL shirts, never worn. I'll consider any offer (Men's L or XL). Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.

    Hello Tiger L

    Sir Duck Hunt L

    100 Percent Sci-Fi XL

    Browncoat Propaganda XL

    Boys in Gray XL

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    64 weeks ago
    The shirts I have are mostly older ones. They have been kept in the original TeeFury bags they came in. Most of them have been sought after but just haven't garnered a trade that I deemed worthy (I usually list about 8-10 shirts that I'm interested in--- I'm sure there are others, too). Here are the shirts that I currently have available for trade:

    Women's Small (unwashed/ unworn/ brand new) for trade:


    Men's Medium (unwashed/ unworn/ brand new) for trade:

    Demon Hunter Crest/Supernatural


    Mr Morgan/Dexter & Dexter's Lab

    Bad Exterminator Unit/Star Wars & Doc Who

    Best Buddies/ Star Wars & Calvin & Hobbes

    Howard Phillip

    Looking for these in MM:

    1.Sherlock Comic
    3. Friends Like Me
    4.I am a Giddy Goat
    5. Dixon Bros Walker Control
    6. The Inconceivables
    7. Daryl's Arrows
    8. Strike That... Reverse It
    9. Enlist!

    I'll consider other trades, too. Especially for the WS. I also have the Tardis Express shirt in MM, but I'm probably keeping it unless there's a really good trade out there...

    My email is: [email protected]
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    64 weeks ago

    I have three shirts for trade, all WXL . All are brand new/unwashed/unworn

    Super Maui-O!

    Inara's Shuttle of Love (in black)

    Where the Wild Realms Are (in cream)

    I would be interested in trading for WXL (maybe WL?) Possibly other sizes or men's shirts if I like the design.
    Looking for:
    Game of Time
    Just As Sane As I Am
    Forever Late
    Brightest Witch Of Her Age

    Try me on anything Doctor Who, Firefly, Harry Potter, any of MeganLara's designs, Buffy, Sherlock, Star Wars...or just tell me what you have! I am willing to consider trades from previous grab bags and past designs too

    email: [email protected]

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    64 weeks ago
    Got my grab bag today. All of these are available for trade and in size ML. Experienced trader here, email me at [email protected] Interested in a lot of different designs, especially Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Arrested Development. They can be recent designs, or older ones you might still have available. But I am willing to hear any offer. Will consider selling, but prefer a trade.

    Vintage Link

    Surrounded By Death


    Evolutionary Spectrum


    Supreme Being

    He Always Cheats

    Here are a few older designs I still have for trade. This first section is available in size MM.


    Super Saiyan Man


    Time Fiction

    Spirited Crest

    Android Attack

    Weeping Cherubs

    And these last three are available in ML.

    Venn Solo

    11th of Hearts

    Demon Hunter Crest

    Email me at [email protected] if interested in trading, or possibly buying them from me. Thanks!

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    64 weeks ago
    In particular, if anyone has one of these older shirts available for sale or trade, I'd be thrilled! I know it's a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    Mr. White's Blue Ice

    Cooking Disinfectant

    Walt and the Bad Breakers

    Shawshank Chess Comp

    School For Champions

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    64 weeks ago
    These are still available from previous grab bags. All unwashed, unworn, and still folded.


    Adventure Cook--Breaking Bad/Adventure Time

    I Bought This Shirt Tomorrow--Back to the Future
    (Couldn't find the link)

    Legendary Ale

    I'm open to anything, really. Just send me an email. I check it every few hours.
    [email protected]
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    64 weeks ago

    I have the following ML shirts available for trade. Unworn and unwashed.

    Boys in Gray


    From previous grab bags:
    Dawn of Doughnuts


    Looking the following shirts in MLs if possible:
    I'm a Giddy Goat

    Game of Time

    Vintage Link or Mariok Kombat II

    Or any shirts of similar themes. Feel free to email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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    64 weeks ago
    Have for trade - All Men's XL -

    Elite, Elite – black
    Dixon Bros Walker Control – black
    Captain Jack – Black
    LEAF – White & Navy
    Supreme Being – Dark Chocolate

    Want in Men's XL -

    Mutatis Mutandis
    Error Song
    I Heart New New York
    It Wasn’t Me
    Mario Kombat II
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    64 weeks ago
    I have these available for trade:

    Women's XL

    -Sherlock Comic
    -Gallifrey Brick
    -Edward's Salon and Topiary

    What I'm trading/looking for:
    *crosses fingers*

    Womens XL

    -The Impasse
    -Magic Spells
    -My Little Epona
    -Falkor Folklore
    -Horcrux Collectors Club
    -Wizards Rule
    -Meet the Missus Tea

    can email me at [email protected]
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    64 weeks ago
    I just got my grab bag in today and really not interested in any of them. All are ML
    I'm Invincible!
    Co-Pilot Uniform
    Sherlock Comic

    I would really like anything Harry Potter, Miyazaki (Totoro, Kiki, Spirited away etc), Doctor Who, or Futurama in either ML or WXL.
    Specifically looking for:
    10th of Hearts
    Magic Spells
    Witch Delivery Service
    Horcrux Collectors Club
    Tardis Express
    Hello Neighbor
    Bad Landing
    Time Fiction
    Hello Sweetie
    Adopt a Tribble
    Melty Welty Timey Wimey
    The Potter Games
    Bad Wolf
    I know some of these are old and kind of a long shot, but hey a girl can dream.
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    64 weeks ago
    Oh and you can email me at [email protected]
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    64 weeks ago
    I got two WS:

    Boys in Gray.

    Would love to trade for anything Doctor Who, Harry Potter, or Firefly
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    63 weeks ago
    Here are all my Grab Bag shirts - both from April and previous. They are all washed and unworn. You can contact me at [email protected] .

    WL Fantasy Time Blue
    WL Steampunk Hunter
    WL Travel in Time Black
    WL A Nice Cup of Tea
    WM Black Stag Stout Black
    WM Coffee Time LINK NOT AVAILABLE Brown
    WXL Waiting for the Bus Blue
    WXL Game of Time Dark Blue
    WXL Sixty Four Bit Red

    I'll sell or trade... especially if you have any of the following in WL or WXL:

    Serenity & Beyond
    Daryl's Arrows
    The Wall
    Serious Magic
    Adventurer's Crest
    Sherlock Comic
    Poe vs. Lovecraft
    Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

    Thanks! - - Rae
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    63 weeks ago
    I have some Men's Large to trade from the current and previous grab bags (still folded and unwashed):

    Precious Companions (03/05/2013)


    My Precious (02/11/2013)


    Busted (12/14/2011)


    The Alumni Cub (07/05/2012)

    A few more ML's from another site. (all unwashed / unworn)


    Balamb Garden

    Mogs Chocobo Riding Club

    Here's one from teefury that was washed once, but never worn (Men's Large)

    Slothbert Love Chunkie (08/08/2011)

    I am interested in trading like size for like size and am open to lots of things, so please make an offer.

    e-mail me at christackett at
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