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rss 64 weeks ago
I'm just curious to know people's thoughts on making a tee design look 'distressed' or not....?

I'm not really sure where I stand on the matter. For some designs it looks great, but for others I think it is unnecessary and ruins the design.

I've recently designed a tee with bright bold colours, but it's kinda based on an old tv show so I'm not sure whether to distress the design, or just leave it looking all bright and shiny.

I'm not going to share my design here coz it's not finished... I just wanted to know in general what people think of the whole 'distressing' issue.

Thanks :-)

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    64 weeks ago
    I think it depends on the design... but in general I don't like distressed designs with bright colors. The point is to make it look old and worn, and old and worn things aren't bright and shiny anymore; the color fades and they become dull. So maybe if the colors were toned down...? Hard to tell without seeing the design though.

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