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rss 64 weeks ago
Sorry if this was already answered, but, whenever I try to purchase a shirt now, it's not letting me use the same address that I've always used. It keeps saying to use only valid US characters. I've used this address for the last two years, and have bought many shirts on this site. I use a PO Box, because I don't always trust my mail (especially packages) at my home address.

Does the recent changes to the shipping methods nullify the address I was always using?
Thanks in advance for any kind of response!
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    64 weeks ago
    Just bumping this, to see if I can get a response. I'm trying to get today's grab bag, haha. This'll be the only one I don't get in years.
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    64 weeks ago
    I would really like some help here. I haven't been able to order a shirt in a couple weeks. And there's some really good ones I've missed out on.
    Thanks in advance!
  • image zipper
    64 weeks ago
    Please email [email protected] - they may be able to help (or at least get to the bottom of what the problem is).

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