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rss 260 weeks ago
I am a 5 foot 2 inch 107 pound female who usually wears a womens medium which fits perfectly. I was wondering how different the mens small is to the womens medium and if it would fit me well enough?
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    260 weeks ago
    The mens small would be waaay big on you and would probably look kinda funky. A womens large/XL is about equivalent to a mens small except for the fact that mens smalls usually run a lot shorter in length...

    I'm 5' 9" 130 pounds and the mens small is still kinda biggish...(but almost always too short)

    Also, the cut of the mens shirt is completely different from the womens and definitely wouldn't be that flattering on a lady. If you usually wear a womens medium I'd suggest going with that or even possibly a womens small(But since I'm not a woman, I'd wait for their opinion too).
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    258 weeks ago
    you wear a medium? seriously? I'm 5'3 and weigh 111 and i wear a small (sometimes xs) and that fits perfectly. Do you usually like baggy shirts?
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    258 weeks ago
    I do have one that is a small and that fits good on me as well, but I live in florida and it's very hot in the summer so I like to wear clothing that is a bit looser between april and november usually, lol. Plus I have size D's up top so that kinda makes smalls a bit tight there.

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