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rss 52 weeks ago

I love this site and have made many purchases being really excited to wear them around. When I finally get the chance I have noticed that some shirts let no air in where there is a print.

I was wondering how many other people had this issue. If the issue was across all colours? (because I have noticed that each different colour I buy has a slightly different material). For example with my doctor who 11 shirt I don't have a problem (bright blue) but for the doctor who 10 shirt (navy blue) I sweat and it gets rather hot. But both have more or less the same size print. Can anyone suggest colours to avoid?

I would also like to know if this issue is told to artists. That way they would be more willing to make the picture included the shirt colour as background rather than adding more colours that have to be printed on.

I have asked this because I really like todays DW and Alice mash but am afraid that it will have this problem.

Thank :)

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