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image zipper
rss 53 weeks ago
Good news! Based on feedback we've been receiving (both in the forums and by email), we've made some changes that should simplify and improve the check out process next time you buy a TeeFury shirt :)

Here's what we've worked on:

- Instead of multiple pages, the checkout process has been simplified to just 2 steps

- If you've saved your credit card info, it's even easier (just 1 step!)

- Customers with saved credit cards can update their credit card info directly from the checkout process on the last page

- Enhanced Paypal integration now gives you the option of using Paypal express as part of the check out process (but if you prefer you can still choose the old method of Paypal ordering on the last page)

Thanks for bearing with us while we worked on these improvements! Try the check out process and let us know what you think :)
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    53 weeks ago
    Your Billing Address requires 5 digit zip code? It should understand zip+4

    But an improvement overall!
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    52 weeks ago
    Maybe I'm an idiot but I can't find a spot to put in coupon codes.
  • image zipper
    52 weeks ago
    J3NN said: Maybe I'm an idiot but I can't find a spot to put in coupon codes.

    We don't have any currently active coupons. If you believe you have one, please email [email protected] and we can look into it :)

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