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rss 69 weeks ago
On March 17th an adorable shirt with chibi versions of multiple Hayao Miyazaki characters was printed and My fiance and I missed it!

If you are willing to trade it, or even sell it i would be most interested in hearing from you! (i would be willing to buy a shirt you want and trade you that one as well!)

sizes: Large or X-large for either gender is fine (either my fiance or i will wear it!)

Color doesn't really matter, but blue is preferred!

Thanks, and have a good one!

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    69 weeks ago
    Thanks for the info!
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    67 weeks ago
    I just got mine in the mail today.
    It's the darker one in men's large if you are still looking.
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    66 weeks ago
    I want it too!
  • image zipper
    64 weeks ago
    Rules Reminder: Please don't promote other stores on TeeFury :)
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    63 weeks ago
    I got Waiting for the Bus in silver, in a WXL. What do you have to trade?
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    63 weeks ago
    I have a ML of the waiting on the bus shirt, Do you have anything to trade? or were you looking to purchase?

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