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rss 70 weeks ago
I wasn't sure where to post this, but I had a comment on your web vs. mobile versions.

I've noticed a few times now that when I view certain shirt colors on my phone vs. my computer that they don't really seem to be the same color? For example the brown of today's shirt on the website is significantly greener than on my phone. On my phone I think it's closer to what you probably intend? I'm not sure if this is something worth looking into but I've noticed a lot of people whining about certain shirt colors and I wondered if maybe this was the issue. (I assume this isn't because of the color shifts that occur between media because I use a macbook and an iphone so if I'm not mistaken they have the same color quality)

Also is there a reason you removed the "artist" tab from the mobile version?

All that said, love every change you guys have made! Having shirt color options and being able to order plus size is definitely worth the extra couple dollars.
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    69 weeks ago
    It's probably just that different screens show colours differently.

    It is possible calibrate your screen accurately, but nobody (except graphic designers and hardcore Pantone fans) ever bothers.
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    68 weeks ago
    I've noticed also that, at least on the iPhone 5, there's an error adding things to the cart which makes it impossible to order a shirt from your phone. -_-;;

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