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Hello all!

I have never ordered from this site before, but I really want to buy today's shirt ("waiting for the bus"). I am a female with a big chest, and I want to know how the sizes on this site compare to the actual fit of the shirt. I am debating between ordering a W2XL or a Men's M.

Do the shirts run small/big? slim/baggy?

Also, does anyone know what material the shirts are made of? I know it says 100% cotton, but is brushed cotton? stretchy? stiff?

Thanks for any help!
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    56 weeks ago
    As far as I have been able to tell, there are actually two different types of Teefury shirts. There is a stretchy fabric which I really prefer, and it seems to be offered in navy, turqouise, silver, banana yellow and black. There may be others, but these are the shirts I have. My stretchy shirts are all in regular circulation in my wardrobe, and one of them has been worn at least once a week for almost two years and still doesn't look like smurf!

    There is a stiff style cotton as well, which I have received on royal blue and red shirts, and is likely on many others. I find these shirts more snug around the hips and they usually unravel a bit after a shorter period of time. I tend to wear these less (even though I love the designs on them) because they are less flattering, less comfortable and don't wear as well. I still like them, but I am usually disappointed when a shirt comes with this style fabric. Once I've flagged a colour, I start buying that colour in men's sizes instead.

    The men's sizes fit like a very normal t-shirt, are typically all made of the same "t-shirt style" fabric, and last longer because the fabric is thicker. The trade-off, of course, is that they don't look as good on us ladies. They are my favourite "bumming around" shirts.

    I recommend taking your favourite t-shirt, laying it flat, and measuring across the fullest part of the chest and the length. Then compare it to the sizing chart here and see how close/different it is from the style of shirt you like. I personally prefer them over any other shirt on the internet because they are relatively long. I usually wear a tank top under most shirts I buy on the internet because they will otherwise ride up and show some lovely bottom I didn't intend to, but Teefury shirts go quite low and this isn't necessary. I'm quite curvy, and the women's shirts seem to accommodate for this nicely.

    To give you perspective on my advice, I am female and I usually fit a size 10/12 pant and medium/large shirt. My waist is quite small in relation to my hips. I have a friend with quite a large bust and she also enjoys the fit of Teefury shirts - the length seems to compensate for this nicely.

    My last turquoise shirt from here was some time ago, so hopefully they haven't changed the fabric. The men's shirt is always a safe option because they are consistent.

    Hope this helps!
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    56 weeks ago
    Thanks so much! This is very detailed and helps me a lot!
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    56 weeks ago
    Perfect answer! I asked the question about stretchiness, because I am concerned about the same thing...have shirts that I love the fit, and then there are ones that I adore the subject matter, but the fits smurfs because of no stretch.
    Off to buy today's Cheshire Chat Noir lol


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