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rss 71 weeks ago
*sigh* I won't say anything about the shirts as of late because I would pretty much be repeating verbatim what everyone else says.

What I would love is for a Dark Souls shirt or something that is Dark Souls/Demons Souls related. Am I off my rocker? Am I the only one who loves Dark Souls and am anxiously waiting for a release date for Dark Souls 2? I can't be!

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    71 weeks ago
    I'd buy it...and probably any other demon/dark souls related shirts.
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    71 weeks ago
    YESYESYES. A Dark Souls shirt with pretty much anything on it would be great.
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    66 weeks ago
    im trying to get into making designs, so i'll certainly give it a shot!
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    64 weeks ago
    I made one!! Lemme know what you think!

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