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rss 71 weeks ago
Recently, the RSS feed updates each day to show me yesterday's tee. I usually remember to go check it, but not always.

So this morning, I see the post for the Legend of Jedi shirt in the feed, and I think, "wow, what a great shirt!" only to follow through to site and find out it's yesterday's shirt :(
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    69 weeks ago
    I've been having this exact same problem off and on for a few weeks. I'm in the UK and the newest tee always used to show up in my feeds by breakfast time in the UK but lately it's been extremely erratic and often two updates will come through at once, but one of them is yesterday's and one is today's. I buy relatively often from Teefury and it's really annoying when you miss a tee that you would have bought. Guys, there's definitely something screwy going on with your RSS feed. It's not just a one off. It's regularly late now.
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    67 weeks ago
    The same here, it is really past annoying now. I don't want to check teefury every day. At least 3 shirts I did not buy because of that!!!!

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