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So, I figured it might be fun to set this little challenge up. A weekly weight loss challenge. There's no prize or anything but I figured I'm not the only one who wants to lose some extra weight.

Weekly we could post how much weight we lost, some strategies we used or diets we're following etc etc.

If you don't feel comfortable posting numbers you could post percentage lost.

For example:

Week 1(March 7)
Right now I'm 206lbs I want to lose 4lbs(2%) by March 14.

By cutting out calories eating more salad switching my soda for some V8 and water. And going to the gym at least 5 times.

Then next week I'll post my weight loss and how well I stuck to the plan.
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    71 weeks ago
    I started losing weight in September of last year. I bought my first Teefury shirt in May of last year and it was a 2XL. Since then, I've gone from 262 down to 208 and now wear a Large shirt (which means I gotta buy more shirts, lol).

    -Stop drinking cokes and sweet tea, too many hidden calories.
    -Track calories with something like MyFitnessPal
    -Take your weight, multiply by 10, subtract 500, that's how many calories you need to limit yourself to per day to lose weight (for example, I'm roughly 210 pounds x 10 = 2100 calories -500 = 1600 calories per day)
    -Drink more water and tea and coffee with NO additives; lots of antioxidants and EGCGs; also tea boosts metabolism.
    -Green Tea Extract pills are good.
    -Try to work out at least 3 times a week
    -Try to weigh yourself only 2-3 times a week. If you weigh yourself every day, you'll go crazy. A person fluctuates in weight 1-5 pounds due to water retention.
    -Cheat days happen!
    -STICK WITH IT! The hardest part of a diet is the first 3 weeks. If you can last the first 3 weeks, it becomes a lot easier to stick to.

    I started out eating only 1600 calories per day when I was still 262 pounds. Its been only 6 months and I've lost about 55 pounds. I could have lost more, but my exercising takes place outside, but I'm a big sissy when it comes to cold, lol. I usually allow myself to have about 2 cheat days a month. Its keeps the metabolism guessing, and also keeps you sane. Mental health, imo, is a big part of being able to stick to a diet.
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    71 weeks ago
    Oh, another big thing. DON'T eat less than 1200 calories a day, that will put your body into survival mode and won't allow yourself to let go of calories.
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    71 weeks ago
    Yeah I was at 245 when I first started as well I'm "supposed" to be 175most (I'm 5'11) So I still want to lose some (I think 185 would be fine otherwise I'd be a twig.)

    I as well was Double XL and now in large.

    Soda Was a huge deal for me I went from drinking two litres a day(no joking) to none.

    I also cut out fast food(I was getting huge fries and angus burgers practically every day. Now If I go a Regular meal and a regular burger(still not the best option but far better than before.)

    I also do treadmill 5-6days a week for an hour and I do weights every other day. My arms are getting pretty toned I need to work on abs and chest more.

    I have a cheat day every other week(so yeah about the same two a month)

    I think one of the biggest things is even on those cheat days you don't have to overendulge either.
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    71 weeks ago
    RiteGuyShirt said: I'm "supposed" to be 175most (I'm 5'11) So I still want to lose some (I think 185 would be fine otherwise I'd be a twig.)

    You can get way lower than that. I'm 6'2" and 160. That being said, I also run 5 days a week. You won't look like a twig, promise.

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