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rss 58 weeks ago
Well, I have two posts floating around so I figured I would condence them and just add to it.

These are works that I am working on, or have submitted...

I would appreciate feedback! <3
 photo PattysSmoke_zps68ea1662.png

If you don't get this one it is a mash up of Patty from the Simpsons (as we all know is a chain smoker) and It's Always Sunny.

 photo HardwickBowling_zpsd956af5a.png

"Hardwick Bowling" is a mash up between the famed nerd Chris Hardwick's "Nerdist" logo and his and his dads (Billy Hardwick PBA legend) love for bowling.
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    58 weeks ago
    Is springville the name of the city in Always Sunny?

    Shouldn't it be springfield?
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    58 weeks ago

    There is a city I live by named Springville, always confusing... Thanks for the catch!
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    58 weeks ago
    I noticed that the smoke lines on the Patty design are blurry. Did you use the paintbrush tool? That creates more than one color. The pencil tool with a hard edge creates one clean color. :)

    I think the boxes in the sun's rays have the blurred lines too. You might want to check the border style of the shape tool. I had noticed that in my own work too.
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    58 weeks ago
    Edited it a bit.

    photo PattysSmoke_zpsa70289c9.png

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    57 weeks ago
    photo HardwickBowling_zps70c4281f.png

    Changed the background to a normal yellow shirt. and fixed the squares that Razubi suggested.

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