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rss 72 weeks ago
 photo vaultfitnesspreviewred_zpsff0c899c.png

 photo vaultfitnesspreviewblue_zpsdb205c35.png

 photo vaultfitnesspreview_zps345ef21a.png

Actually posting the design with the various colors I notice the fade in the middle is the same color as the background... have to fix that... Also the angle of the gradient seems odd but I think that sort of picky... Also the top line on the arm is off... Anyone notice anything else odd?
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    72 weeks ago
    photo vaultfitnesspreviewblue_zps2958d6f6.png

    Expanded the letters to cover the background and also fixed some spots where the background was feeding through.
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    72 weeks ago
    photo Vault_Fitnesssubfixed_zps5ee4506c.png

    This is the scaled down version for submission the arm it correctly colored in the full size. I also tried to fix the arm so it looks more like it comes from the vault and not just floating in from of it.

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