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rss 72 weeks ago
I was going to buy more but not with these ridiculous shipping prices.
  • image zipper
    72 weeks ago
    Here's our forum post about shipping prices:

    We're doing our best to keep shipping prices low.
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    72 weeks ago
    Well teefury went the polite way. So as a loyal customer I get to be less polite.

    International Shipping before was INSANE. Teefury decided to go over to UPS exclusive which saw a slight increase in domestic shipping. It went from 2.75 to 3.00 for me(Why pay $10 when you have an option of cheaper?) But it took international shipping rates down to reasonable levels. Other sites have Tees for $25 or more sure they have free shipping if you buy like 4 items hmmm.... $13.... or $100.

    Also for my money Teefury is the most transparent company I've dealt with and polite. I seriously(except certain artists) try to do my best to support only Teefury.

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