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rss 72 weeks ago
This shirt!

I have the following shirts in women's XL as possible trades:

Dark Duel, Evil School of Evil, I bought this tee shirt tomorrow! and! 10th of Hearts

While I am primarily looking for Love Cthulu II, I am absolutely willing to consider other trades, especially Browncoat Propaganda, Wolf, Hello, Sweety! or Souffle Girl!

Womens XL or Mens L, XL, or 2XL. Make me an offer!
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    72 weeks ago
    Not sure if your intersted but I have one buts its a mens medium.
    You can email me at eeviljedi666 at aol dot com.
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    71 weeks ago
    Are you still looking for a Love Cthulhu II shirt? We have one in MXL if you are, would love to trade for the 10th of Hearts, or would also buy it from you - if you still have it that is - you can email me at billnjoey @ if you do.



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