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rss 59 weeks ago
I recently posted a link to another t shirt from todays artist, unaware of the sites rules against it.

I'm fine with that, and replied with another comment that did not break ANY site rules at all, but yet the front page moderator still deleted my comment. Even though there was no logical reason and it completely complied with the rules.

I'm glad to know you have site moderators that just feel like deleting comments at will and whim, definitely makes me want to post things.

On a separate note, the fact that I can't post a link to a shirt that is on the side of the page from the same artist is just completely stupid.
You're not really a 'storefront', in all reality. You sell a single different shirt every day. Me posting a link to another shirt from the artist people want isn't going to take business away from you. It's really just me being courteous and letting others know where you can buy this artists work.

The fact that you don't allow this just makes me realize this site is extremely worried about all the wrong things. If someone wants a shirt that you are legitimately advertising in a banner on the side of the page, they should have the right to know where to get it. Also, all these other sites sell them at 2x + the price of a tee fury shirt, so it's not even in the same league. I can't believe you are so worried about someone buying a shirt from another site that you are going to delete comments that reply to peoples questions about where they can buy the shirts. Once again, you're advertising them. If you don't want people to know they can buy them, why are you promoting them.

Honestly you've lost a customer tonight based off the principle of the situation. Moderators who delete my compliant comments, and a site that doesn't want people to know how to buy shirts they are promoting?

Thanks, but I'm good on supporting your company. I've bought many a shirt from you guys before, but no more. I realize you don't care about customer satisfaction (obviously), but I thought people should know about how it goes down at Teefury.

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    59 weeks ago
    To be fair to Teefury, many of the artist that are printed(Today would be a good example) have linksto their sites in thir profile.

    I work in retail and I certainly wouldn't be happy someone coming into my store with flyers to Walmart.

    Teefury has a long background of going through a lot of trouble to help customers. If you don't want to visit their FB page to see plenty of comments to that effect you needn't look further than this forum, the new shipping rates for international customers is proof of this.
  • image zipper
    59 weeks ago
    Here are the site rules you were running into problems with:

    Don't promote other sites at TeeFury
    Whether you really like another t-shirt site or hate it, TeeFury is not the appropriate place to discuss it. That means you shouldn't link to other t-shirts on the front page (if you have a copyright concern, email service), announce when other sites have sales, or post in the forums that a former TeeFury design is now available at a direct competitor. Advertising and spam are also prohibited for any kind of product or service.

    Questions and complaints about the rules
    This thread is the only place on TeeFury for discussion of the rules. This is because keeping it all in one place makes it easier for everyone to understand why these rules exist, and what they mean.

    If you still have any questions about the rules, please post them in the rules thread. Keeping all discussion about the rules in one place is helpful to other people who have questions.

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