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rss 261 weeks ago
Hello FurHeads,
I am a newbie to this awesome site, 1 question, how do I find out EXACTLY how many shirts were sold on the shirt of the day?
THAX for the feedback.
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    261 weeks ago
    Yeah I've actually wondered this myself for quite a while, anyone at least have some average estimates on how many shirts were sold? The chart is cool but doesn't provide any numbers ;P
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    261 weeks ago
    if you buy a shirt it says on the very bottom of the receipt. ex: 34 out of 230 yours being number 34. other than that i dont know how to check :)
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    260 weeks ago
    The more straight of a line the mini chart is, the more that is sold total. If it has a lot of random ^ and then it's at the very bottom sometimes, it sold less.

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