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rss 60 weeks ago
This is quite horrendous... I'm looking to get 5 large-male shirts, and 2 small-female shirts. The total shipping to me, in Vancouver, Canada... is $22!!!! $42 worth of shirts, $22 shipping. I think the last grab bag, I got 5 large-male shirts, and 4 small female... and the shipping was likely in and around, if not under $10.

I hate to say it, but I may have to remove this site as my homepage... it's just not worth it anymore.

....and I thought this was "fixed"??? the baaad shipping internationally?
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    60 weeks ago
    The sweet spot for Canadians is 5 shirts. Shirts and shipping work out to $52. This is basically 5 shirts at the regular price and 2 dollars shipping.

    Shipping for 2 shirts is $8, which again is not that bad considering what shipping used to be.

    It's an american site, and due to fuel costs shipping has gotten to be quite expensive... it's a simple fact of life.
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    59 weeks ago
    thanks for the reply :) and Yep, I'm definitely not blaming TeeFury! It is what it is, and it's certainly not their fault.

    I only posted here as I very rarely buy from this site unless it's the Grab-Bag (to be honest) and I wanted to point out the rather LARGE increase in shipping since the last grabbag in November. That be all :) It's unfortunate, and with nobody to blame!
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    59 weeks ago
    And not to be that guy, But now that it's UPS instead of USPS, Us Canadians will get hit with brokerage when it gets to our doors.

    I ordered 3 grab bag shirts last night and just found out about the brokerage. I won't be ordering from TeeFury anymore if they're going to have brokerage/UPS.

    The original price increase that changed it from $5 to almost $9 would be preferred over $4 UPS shipping that will have brokerage at the door.

    TeeFury took a huge step back with this move. I'm even tempted to cancel my order.
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    59 weeks ago
    I've been assured by teefury as they have been by ups that they won't be charging any brokerage fees. The reason for this is because all international orders are being delivered the second half of the way by your postal carrier (Canada is Canada Post) do the only fees that would be charged are ones by your postal carrier (which usually doesn't happen..) and not ups

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