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rss 75 weeks ago
This is a submission I'm working on. The design is based on the new armor in the Iron Man comic and Gundam model kit illustrations.

The design is pretty much finalized, but I'm concerned about copyright issues. I originally had the Stark Industries logo used in the movie and comics, but removed it.

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    75 weeks ago
    I used a Carlo Pagulayan sketch as a reference for the armor and pose. There's also some clean-up required, but that'll be taken care of when I re-draw this as a vector image.

    I was thinking about doing a version based on the new armor from the "Iron Man 3" movie.

    Here's the original design with Stark logo.

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    75 weeks ago
    Beautiful work

    Speaking completely for myself, I think the lettering detracts from the image. The exploded view is great. Good work sir. Or madam.
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    75 weeks ago
    This is very impressive. Very pretty and a sweet idea.

    However, it might be a little close to the wire regarding copyright and stuff. Apparently Marvel can get pretty dicey about it...
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    74 weeks ago
    Aces! This does totally remind me of the gundam models I had when I was a kid.
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    73 weeks ago
    Here's the design I submitted to Teefury. I removed all the overt references to Iron Man that would unleash Marvel's lawyers.


    I prefer the version with the actual Stark logo and the Marvel/Bandai logo, but I don't think that design would be accepted.

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