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Just wanted to say a big thanks for the postive reaction people have taken to my style, The design that went up today is only a month or two old but I feel I've refined my style more since that one, and a bunch of people expressed interest in the designs on the side so I wanted to talk about those!

Frankie Say Relax!

This is a spoof of the 80s slogan tees "fankie say relax" but using lovely mr frankenstein and a yummy electric asthetic, some of you asked about it so I'd like to point you towards teextile where it's currently up for voting!

Frankie Say Relax on teextile

Frankie Say Relax
BY SirEuan

Who Killed Rock n Roll?

This design was asked about too, it's currently up for sale on my own sit. You can find it here at Tee Clinic!

I also have some work up for voting on LaFraise, if you want to check that out go here

Thanks again for the response and comments to my design, great to be a part of this site! It's a big deal for me, just a student still and starting out in the tshirt world.


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    UM, I have no idea what's happened to the formatting here, hope you can all read the post!
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