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rss 62 weeks ago
I have two versions of this design and both are references to Maneki Neko/Lucky Cat.

A references the less well known version of Lucky Cat happily holding a fish and B references the more well known version of Lucky Cat holding a coin (or a pokeball in this case).

A is a little more interesting IMO, but I think B is easier to "get" as a reference, so I'm not sure which version is better.
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    62 weeks ago
    Manekichu!! Although B is the general, A has the atmosphere & personality I prefer.
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    62 weeks ago
    I'm finding that darker blue in the background distracting.. But overall I like the second one seems more exciting maybe if you added that electric backing to A I'd like that one more.

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    61 weeks ago
    I really like A, but B sells the concept of "lucky cat" to me more. The pose, less organic shape on B's design makes me think of the cat statues. A just kind of looks like he's pulling a Breakfast Club. This is a really great design btw :)
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    60 weeks ago
    I prefer A because of the face style and the more fun atmosphere of pokemon shown through it. Also the Magikarp is a nice touch. In B eyes and lines above the nose make it look less of a pokemon style in my personal opinion.

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